Sunday, March 13, 2011

Disney Daddy- The Actavist

Well, Disney Daddy is somewhat a career student. He is currently working on his 2nd 4 year degree.
In his English Composition class, they had the assignment to pick a cause to write an argumentive/persuasive essay/letter about, but the teacher didn't want the same causes she gets over and over (gun control, legalizing marijuana, etc). She wanted them to think outside the box. Well, I am a little proud of Disney Daddy for picking something mos males would not. He chose Maternity Leave as a topic!  He is for paid maternity leave. It is amazing that 163 countries offer some form of paid maternity leave (this could be higher since this article was released), and yet the United States does not require any form of maternity leave....Sure, there is the FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act). However, small businesses are not required to follow this, and it is not required that it be paid. It also is only 12 weeks. Many countries allow mothers 6 months to one year of maternity leave.
      One point that Disney Daddy made in his paper- the effect the lack of maternity leave plays with breastfeeding, and thus health care. I was so proud of him! He pointed out the burden a breastfeeding mother has when returning to work...having to purchase a pump, bottles, storage bags, take breaks (unpaid) to pump, hope the care giver understands how to properly heat the breastmilk, hoping the child does not develop a bottle preference, and more.
      Of course, this was just one of his many points. He also explained financial burden, the bonding time needed, and so forth. But I was very proud that he included breastfeeding as one of his major points. GO DISNEY DADDY!

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