Sunday, February 27, 2011

Five Ways Advocates Sabotage The Cause

Sometimes in our effort to encourage and promote, we end up doing more harm then good. This is especially true when trying to promote breastfeeding and its acceptance. I have found that often times, advocates, myself included, end up sabotaging the very cause that we are trying to promote. Here are the top 5 ways that I believe breastfeeding advocates sabotage the cause.
  1. We treat everyone with breastfeeding obstacles as uneducated, over-analytical, or lazy. When a woman comments on a breastfeeding forum about issues she is having, it is amazing to me how much people simply "write off" her problem as being uneducated. Often being told that if she would nurse more, worry less, or just stop supplementing (if she is supplementing) than her issues would magically go away. When we do this, we a) make the woman feel bad about herself and her abilities and b) send the message that we do not believe her problems are real and that she is looking for a reason to stop breastfeeding.
  2. We talk about breastfeeding ALL the time, including to those who are not interested. As much as we want every woman to breastfeed, it is her choice. While we like to look at it as the child's right to breastmilk, their are reasons a mother may find that formula is better for her child. I myself am guilty of talking about breastfeeding to the point of alienating some formula moms. Not on purpose...I didn't push it on them, but they felt I was TOO PASSIONATE about breastfeeding, and there for, became annoyed, thought I was judging them, or what not...and unfortunately, I have lost contact with a few people because of it.
  3. We judge other breastfeeding mothers. Some examples are a photo being posted on a breastfeeding forum that showed an overweight mother, breastfeeding a child, while on a scooter at a grocery store, not using a cover. Posters laughing at the photo and finding it entertaining. Women who choose to nurse without covers saying if someone uses a cover then they are ashamed and might as well be breastfeeding in their car or in the corner. Why does it matter how a mother breastfeeds? Is it not enough that she is breastfeeding? Suddenly she has to do it YOUR way? 
  4. We act as though every illness a child gets or doesn't get is based on what they are fed. We know the benefits of breastmilk and that it CAN prevent many illnesses and ear infections, but acting as though a mom's child would never have had that cold if she had only breastfed is as incorrect as saying the only reason a child didn't get a cold was because he is breastfed. In general, yes, the benefits of breastmilk for a child's health are great, but that does not mean a formula fed child is doomed to an infancy of ear infections, colds and more.
  5. We look at breastfeeding as all or nothing. There are women who need to supplement, or who may choose to supplement. Treating them as though they are a traitor to the breastfeeding movement, making women feel like breastfeeding is an all or nothing deal, only pushes moms who could continue giving their child the benefits of breastmilk, while combo feeding, into formula feeding. While most women are capable of exclusively breastfeeding, we must acknowledge that as hormone issues are on the rise (look at the rise in infertility), so are breastfeeding supply issues. Combo feeding is hard. You have to find a delicate balance of maintaining what supply you do have, and making sure your child is getting enough nourishment to grow. Dismissing a mom as "just a combo feeder" is not going to help a mother learn what she can do to continue breastfeeding, help her supply with future children, or understand that her children are still getting the benefits of breastmilk even while be supplemented with formula.
I am sure there are many more ways that we sabotage the cause, but these are a few that have been on my mind lately. We need to remember that if we are just preaching at people, rather than communicating, listening and sharing, we will never help promote breastfeeding.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Help Give Hubby A New Name for the Blog

Well, the term hubby is so un-creative that I think maybe it is time that I give Hubby a new name. Gamer is already taken by another blogger (well, Gamer Daddy) or I would use that for him....
So- I have decided I am going to make a poll with some names and you all can vote. BUT- in order to help you- I am going to give you a little description of Hubby.
Hubby has a degree in computer animation and video game design, and is currently going to school for ANOTHER degree in Computer Science- emphasis on computer programming. He loves to play video games! LOVES TO!
He is one of those guys that is a kid at heart. He loves all things Disney, would live in Disneyland if he could. He is the favorite uncle, cousin, etc to anyone under the age of 12. He is known for wearing shirts with funny sayings on them. He was called "The Funny Guy" by our best friends' kids for the longest time.
He LOVES spicy foods. He makes some mighty hot salsa (well, ok, I make it for him) and he puts sriracha (spelling?) sauce on EVERYTHING! I have yet to find something that he thinks is TOO HOT to eat.
He loves movies and TV shows. I used to hate going to a new movie with him because the entire movie I would hear "Do you recognize that person? They were in such-and-such a movie." He even watches a lot of OLD 40s and 50s. He also LOVES WWE wrestling. I call it a "male soap opera" but he still enjoys it.
 So- there is a little info. Leave a comment if you have a creative name for Hubby or vote on the poll. If you are leaving a comment with a different name- please answer OTHER on the poll. THANKS!

The poll will not be the FINAL say in the name (so don't worry if you are leaving a comment that it won't get picked). I will be presenting a few names to Hubby, where I will let HIM pick his new blog name.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Breastfeeding and Entertainment

If you expect this post to be about breastfeeding while at movies, concerts and the like....well, I am sorry to disappoint. Nope, as a matter of fact, this post is about how Hubby has decided that maybe I am a little too pro-breastfeeding when it starts to interfere with my opinion on movies and television......
Recently, many celebrities have talked a lot about breastfeeding their babies. I am so happy that they are talking about it, sharing pictures, and truly being proactive in trying to make breastfeeding the normal, accepted form of feeding a child that it should be.
BUT, recently, I have decided that Hollywood, as always, sends mixed messages. While in interviews with magazines and such you have a star talking about the beauty of breastfeeding, at the same time, a movie or television show is making fun of it.
Here are a few examples as of late-
Television: Watching an episode (rerun) of "The Office" where another location and the one featured on the show merge into the same building, one of the "implants" is a breastfeeding mother. It shows her pumping at her desk, in front of everyone, being rude when they stare. It then shows her bringing her child in and breastfeeding. While one may think from reading that last part "That is great, it showed her breastfeeding." The tone of the show was that this woman was strange, or rude for nursing her child in public, without a cover.
Movie: While I enjoyed the movie- The Backup Plan- one part shows Jennifer Lopez's character attending a single mother's group. There a mother is breastfeeding a child who appears to be around 18-24 months of age. JLo's character asks the age of the child. The child pops off of the breast turns and says "I'm three." Again, reading this, you might think- Way to go Hollywood, supporting extended breastfeeding. However, as the "group" scene goes on, you realize they are painting the picture that the mothers in this group are all "off."
Television: Another rerun- because that is what I watch at times, while Lil Man is napping- this time, the show "Yes, Dear." I LOVE this show....however one of the earliest episodes portrays the two families running into a mom. Her son- apparently an older toddler- comes up says he is hungry. Main character Kim offers a snack. The boy's mother states no thanks, lifts her shirt and breastfeeds the son. Later, upon returning home, the couples talk about how they can no longer return to that park. They discuss how a year is about the cutoff point. The show later goes on and you discover that Kim has not yet weaned her son and is nursing him during the middle of the night. I thought "Wow, maybe this will turn around..." They then go on to have Kim confess that the only reason she is still breastfeeding is so that her breasts will be large......BOO! They then wean the son...and while the weaning scenes are quite funny (since the dad takes over the night feedings) the overall vibe is that it is not okay to nurse past infancy.
But the one that really got to me, and make Hubby realize that my thoughts on breastfeeding could make or break a movie now, was when we watched "The Grownups" starring Adam Sandler, Kevin James, and a few others. In the movie, Kevin James's character's wife is shown still breastfeeding their "48 month old" "Dude that is FOUR YEARS." one of the character's replies. Throughout the show it has a lot of negative scenes of the mother breastfeeding her son out and about, and Kevin James's character being embarrassed, etc. It has him trying to talk the son out of breastfeeding. He offers his son regular milk to which the son replies "I don't think mommy would like me having it." This one taste of milk suddenly weans the son who was still breastfeeding several times a day. The mom is then shown saying she is upset, and doesn't know what her breasts are for then. But, it showed other things that I looked at, commented on, and made Hubby roll his eyes.
The mom, supposedly was still pumping quite often....often enough to bring her pump on the vacation. When a bird is injured, the mom uses the pump to give the bird milk to nurse it back to health. I was torn on this because breastmilk is AMAZING stuff so I liked the idea that it could nurse a bird that is injured to health....however, my husband told me to "Suspend my disbelief" because I pointed out that the tube they were showing as something that milk drained into, does not even come in contact with milk on a pump, but rather is what hooks the pump to the motor to make it work.
So, the movie was over, and I found myself saying it was awful because of how it portrayed breastfeeding. WHAT? Hubby was shocked. Normally, crude jokes, language, and the such is what will turn me off from a movie. This was not too bad in those areas, so when I said it was just "OK" he was in shock.
As we returned the movie to the Redbox at WalMart, a woman asked me what I thought of the movie. I told her it was ok, not too crude, and I even found myself wanting to say "if you don't mind it having a negative look on breastfeeding" but bit my tongue.
While I am pointing out that Hollywood is quick to laugh at breastfeeding, shunning it as a normal act...I must acknowledge a few shows that have shown it positively.
Hubby and I watch "Chuck" on NBC on Monday nights, where the sister, Ellie, recently had a baby, who is being breastfed. An old addiction of mine (guilty pleasure) "7th Heaven" had Lucy, in one of the later seasons, breastfeeding her first child and talking about how much she loved it. While I do not view it, I have heard that even the MTV's "Teen Mom" and "Teen Mom 2" have some moms who breastfeed.
Unfortunately, those last few shows are not the majority. Hollywood often shapes how we view something....breastfeeding included. Until the movies fall in-line with the the stars, the ones who promote breastfeeding positively, extended breastfeeding, and breastfeeding in general will still be looked at as something that should not be done in public, or that should not last past infancy.



Monday, February 21, 2011

Breastfeeding, Natural Family Planning and Our Bodies

Now that Lil Man is weaned off during the day, and my pump died so I am not pumping during the day either, my body has began transitioning back to the fertile state. One of the great things about breastfeeding is that it, if done on demand and exclusively, helps you space your children out, giving your body time to heal.
I take this into account when I look at how long is the "appropriate" length of time to breastfeed. Really, it is related. It is also related to sleeping through the night.
Let me explain:
First off- I will start with sleeping through the night. Often times, parents want to urge their children to sleep through the night before they would naturally do it. Sleep deprivation is hard. When you have a pediatrician, family and well-meaning friends also urging that you "sleep train" it is even harder. Sleeping through the night is like a right of passage for most parents. They look at it in the way they do many other milestones. Mothers compare how early their children slept through the night, just like walking, teeth, and more.
However, babies have tiny stomachs and are not meant to sleep through the night at an early age. Pushing them to do so before they are ready is, to say the least, un-natural. I will not get into my anti-CIO views, etc. But, expecting a child to be full for 12 hours at 4-6 months of age is ignoring the rules of how their tiny digestive systems function. Yes, a few babies will be the exception to the rule, but most will need to continue nursing a few times through the night to age one and beyond.
As far as how long to nurse a child, it used to be common for a child to be nursed for several years. Often times, getting the majority of their nourishment from breastfeeding until the age of two or beyond. I do not find it a co-incidence that two years is the length of time that most doctors suggest a woman give her body to heal from previous pregnancies before attempting to conceive again.
Well, this all ties in together- I promise. Breastfeeding is like natural birth control. When a mother is exclusively breastfeeding- on demand and around the clock (child is not sleeping through the night)- and is not supplementing with solids- breastfeeding is as effective as the birth control pill!
Now, before you jump on me and say "My friend so-and-so got pregnant while EBF and not supplementing." First, remember that this includes feeding on demand around the clock. Second, I know many women who have conceived while on the of whom her first THREE pregnancies all happened while using oral birth control. So, to say it is as effective as the pill, does not mean it won't happen. The only 100% sure way to not get pregnant is abstinence after all.
As long as a mother is still feeding on demand around the clock, and the majority of the nourishment comes from breastmilk, even with solids, breastfeeding is a highly effective form of birth control.
One of the fastest ways to restore fertility, while continuing to breastfeed, is night weaning. A sudden change- even a child sleeping through the night (9-10 hours) that previously woke every 2-3 hours, for a few nights in a row, is enough to restore fertility. To me, this, plus the previous observation about the length of 2 years between pregnancies and 2 years of breastfeeding, also shows me that we are meant to continue breastfeeding our children through the night, as demanded, for much longer than 4-6 months.
Once a child is night weaned, supplemented, or what not, and fertility starts to return, there are many ways to control if you conceive or not. There is medical birth control- shot, pill, IUD- and there is the drugstore birth control- condoms- but for our family, we are using Natural Family Planning.
Natural Family Planning is where you track your fertility signs, including your BBT, and figure out your most fertile days- then you either avoid intercourse, or the opposite, depending on if you want to get pregnant, or want to avoid pregnancy.
For us, right now, we are just hoping to see if I am one of those lucky women. The ones who struggle with fertility, FINALLY get pregnant, and then, BAM- their body and hormones just *click* and they are fertile and able to conceive on their own.
As I have studied about Natural Family Planning, annoyed many of my friends with questions (if they are NFPers), and has just proven to me that our bodies were created/made to not only provide the best for our children, but in doing so, take care of itself. Healing as it provides the best nourishment possible for our children.
As women I don't think we truly understand how AMAZING our bodies are! We often look in the mirror and see everything we think is wrong with them. We are quick to complain about flaws and slow to acknowledge how AWESOME our body actually is.
So, I want to extend a challenge that you take a few minutes every day and remember the amazing body you have- and to think about all the positive aspects of your body.
Being a mother, breastfeeding, and starting to use NFP has really made me realize what an amazing gift my body is.



Friday, February 18, 2011

Looking Back

Looking back on Lil Man's first few months, I realize there were a lot of things that I could have done differently that would have led to a more successful breastfeeding experience. Honestly, I feel the system failed me some. Not the system that subtly promotes formula masked as breastfeeding support- poor quality pumps, formula sponsored diaper bags, etc- but the system that is set in place to give breastfeeding moms an edge. The system that was supposed to set me up to succeed failed me. I also feel my personal understanding and education was lacking. Partially because those I knew that breastfed just did issues, no talk of the hard first few weeks- they just breastfed. Forget that they were on baby 3, 4, or even 5...I just saw them breastfeeding very easily, never struggling with their child.
I wish the breastfeeding class I took was better. I suppose all breastfeeding classes are hit and miss. There are so many factors involved- funding, material, who is sponsoring it, and who is teaching it. I did not attend the "Breastfeeding Event" at a popular baby store. Any class that starts out Ready, Set, Pump is not focused on breastfeeding- but on selling pump products and bottles to mothers. I did not participate in the WIC breastfeeding class either. I have actually heard wonderful things about the local WIC's class. I think partially because they really do want moms to breastfeed- to a point. I mean, it saves the program money, it is better for baby and mom, and many other things. I have other issues with WIC, but it has nothing to do with the class. NO, I attended the breastfeeding class taught by the hospital. Maybe that is mistake number one. Hospitals still receive a lot of funding from formula companies, so maybe they don't care much to have really good breastfeeding classes/education. Looking back, I would have chosen to attend LLL meetings, or nursing mom groups.
The breastfeeding class was beneficial- for Hubby. It got him on board. It talked about the many benefits, what the spouse could do to help, and then we talked a lot about 2 other things- latch and position. Honestly- positioning was a joke. A stuffed animal is way different then a newborn baby. OK, maybe it was not a joke. It does help a little bit to kind of know.
Now latch- that is a different story. The strong focus on latch led me to worrying about the latch TONS after Lil Man was born. The line that caused me the most worry - "If they are latched properly it will not be painful." I have since learned this line is not true- breastfeeding can hurt in the beginning, even if latch is perfect. Latch is something that should be watched, but we need to not over think it. I once read a blog comparing it to using chopsticks. Most people do not use chopsticks "properly" but it doesn't matter, because it works for them. Latch is the same way- as long as mom is not in immense pain, baby is sucking, and milk is flowing- it works. We need to not over think it.
The one other thing that bothers me about this class, they taught to feed on demand- and that demand should be every two hours during the day three hours at night. I really thought something was wrong with my son that he wanted to be on the breast all the time- so I started letting him have a pacifier on day 2 of life instead of being on the breast. I feel this was part of what led to my low supply.
I wish I had been more educated about birth weight, weight gain, and jaundice and how supplementing fits in with all of that. My son, had he been discharged 2 days after delivery- like a vaginally born baby- would have been right at the border of the "acceptable" weight loss. But, because I had a c-section, he was discharged a day later and was told he had lost "too much." I want to point out- this was not my sons pediatrician that brought this up- as he was on vacation the day we were discharged. "Too much" was only a few ounces over the "acceptable" amount. My son was zero percent jaundice, and my milk had not come in yet- so really, his weight loss was fine and I really didn't need to supplement.
Weight gain- I wish I had known that the charts most often used by pediatricians are based off 1) taller babies and 2) formula fed babies. I over-analyzed my son's weight gain for months. It finally was brought to an end at his 4 month appointment when HIS pediatrician told me, as I was distraught about him being in the 7th percentile for weight (and height I should add) and the fact that I could not get him to eat more each day, that he was PERFECTLY PROPORTIONATE and if he was eating/weighing any more he would actually be overweight for his height.
I must pause and say how I think it is funny that we base a child's health, as both parents and health care professionals, on how high up in the percentiles our children are. I have a friend who is CONSTANTLY asking if Lil Man's doctor is concerned about his size. I am repeatedly saying how he is "perfectly proportioned" and since both Hubby and I are short- he is fine. Of course, both of her children are in the 90th percentiles for both height and weight- so to her it is strange that my son is healthy being currently in the 3rd percentile. There has to be children at both ends of the scale- and unlike tests on knowledge- being in the 3rd percentile does not automatically mean your child is failing. I am actually happy that my son is perfect for his height. Now, if he were in the 50th percentile for height, and 3rd for weight- Yes,both his doctor and I would be worried- but he is, again, proportionate. This is one reason I am glad that the AAP has now adopted the WHOs charts for height and weight- because the WHO takes into account your child's height. Truth be told- Lil Man is in the 70th percentile weight wise for other children his height.
Back to the topic at hand- basically, just because Lil Man lost a little more than the "acceptable" amount was not a reason to supplement. I find it funny that there is an exact cut off as to what is or is not acceptable. I also think that mother's need to understand the "rule" about 2-2.5 oz per pound of weight is not LAW but a GUIDELINE. Lil Man has never taken in that much- and if I try and force him to- he just spits it up.
The last way I feel failed by the system is that the hospital, while it does strongly suggest breastfeeding, has LCs on hand, and more- still has human beings working there. They are not perfect. The hospital can be understaffed, and therefor- many nurses may suggest topping a baby off with formula if they are in the nursery at night. That happened in my case because I was so exhausted I did send Lil Man to the nursery one night and they didn't want to have to bring him back in right away so they said they could top him off using a special feeder so he wouldn't get bottle preference... Telling this to a mother who only got 45 minutes of sleep the night before she was induced and then had an emergency c-section and who had not napped that entire day, makes it very tempting. Why didn't I have him in the room with me? Well- EXTREME EXHAUSTION and because the nurses said that he would most likely wake EVERY HOUR if he was in my room and could smell me. They made it sound like I was doing both of us a dis-service by keeping him in there after his traumatic labor and delivery and with me being so tired.
I also know my education was lacking. I have also noticed, many first time moms either end up switching to formula, combo feeding or exclusively pumping....but later go on to successfully breastfeed their second child. I honestly feel that maybe this is a testament to how education and support are lacking. Mothers are forced to educate themselves as issues arise- sometimes finding answers too late after the fact. Hopefully, education will improve, women will be open and supportive of breastfeeding- and of those who formula feed- and that we will see a higher success rate in the United States of breastfeeding.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


HOLY FREAKING CUTENESS!!!! My friend has started her own work-at-home business. She makes the most {ADORABLE} AIO (all-in-one) cloth diapers, covers, and so much more! The name of her business is VIVA LA FLUFF and it is very chic, fashionable cloth diapering. Lots of fabrics to choose from! If you have a little girl you will {LOVE} the ruffled bum covers!
So go to her store and check it out! Here at MBT we love to support WAHMs (work-at-home moms) and their business- especially when it is eco-friendly and FLUFFY!!!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Little Off Topic

This post is a little off topic- but guess what? Breastfeeding is not my life.....That is right....breastfeeding is not the only thing in my life. It is a passion of mine, but it is not the only thing going on.
Hubby- who I should probably come up with a better nickname for- is currently enrolled in school to earn his 2nd Bachelor Degree. However, he has been taking many classes from the local community college as it is cheaper. Well, the time has come to transfer to the local university. While he attended the college, we paid his tuition, books, and such out of pocket...but now that he is going to the University we have decided we should look into some other options.
So, yesterday we got out last W-2 and I spent the evening doing our taxes and Hubby's FAFSA forms. Such fun! I had to do 2 different ones for Hubby since he has the summer session which qualifies for the 2010-2011 school year, and then next year- 2011-2012.
Then, I filled out one more FAFSA....for ME! Yes, I am currently looking at returning to school. I have a few things I am looking at, but the one I am SUPER EXCITED to find out more information on is what courses I should take locally before I can enter a program to that is endorsed by IBCLE!!!! What is IBCLE you ask...
So, guess what- this is breastfeeding related after all!
I am currently finding out what I can do to become a certified lactation consultant. I don't want to get my hopes up yet...but I am very excited to see if this works out.
So, while breastfeeding is not my life, it is a great passion of mine, and I want to be able to help others have a successful breastfeeding relationship. So, keep your fingers, toes, and eyes crossed that this works out for me.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Recently, a friend who breastfeeds, had her lil boy come down with a cold. I explained to her to put a few drops of breastmilk in his eyes, if she started to see any "goop" in them, a few times a day to help keep him from getting an eye infection. Many people know about this...but others, they say - WHAT????
So it got me thinking of the many uses of breastmilk. My favorites include:
  • Facewash/acne treatment-Wash face with a mild soap, rinse, and gently pat a breastmilk-saturated ball of cotton (not a synthetic material) over the entire face. This process is great for removing eye makeup as well.
  • Treat Ear Infections (before they get too bad)- Place a few drops of breastmilk in the ear; follow with warm (not hot) olive oil and garlic, or bottled garlic mullein oil (sold at natural food stores).
  • Treat cuts, scrapes, etc-  Clean wound first using breastmilk if you don't have soap and water. Drip milk onto the wound, then let it air-dry. You can also use a cotton ball or a 4-by-4-inch gauze pad soaked in breastmilk. If the cut is on a baby's lips or mouth area, allow him or her to nurse. An upset child will be calmed by the gentle, loving act of breastfeeding, and the milk will help heal the wound.
  • Treat Diaper Rashes (as long as they are not yeast based)- You can spray breastmilk directly from the tap, or use the cotton ball, to put on the rash. Be sure to let it air dry before replacing your little one's diaper. This is a great way to treat rashes on cloth diapered babies as many rash creams are not CD friendly.
  • Treat Sunburns-Apply breastmilk gingerly to burns and they will dry up and look much better the next day. A burn treated with breastmilk and mashed-up blueberries will dry up within an hour, wrote one mom on a Midwifery Today online forum.1 Elena Michaels, PhD, CCH, LMFT, a traditional naturopath in Santa Clarita, California, told me that she often applied her breastmilk to her kids' sunburns. The soothing milk would stop the pain immediately," she said. "I believe the lauric acid found in breastmilk is antiviral, antibacterial, healing to tissue, and contains analgesic properties. Besides human breastmilk, virgin coconut oil is nature's most abundant source of lauric acid. (This treatment from Informed Parentings website)
  • Chapped Lips, Dry Skin- I get extremely chapped lips and dry skin in the winter. I have started dabbing breastmilk on my lips in the mornings and it has helped tons. I also had skin that was so dry this winter that it was cracking, peeling and bleeding. I could not, for the life of me, remember to keep apply I took a shot with worked WONDERS!!! 2 days and my hands are nice and soft again.
  • Warts- put a cotton ball saturated with breastmilk on a wart holding it there for a few minutes. Do this 2-3 times a day and the wart will dry up with in days.
  • Skin Rashes- Lil Man has had some awful skin rash on his chin with all the drooling during his last teething session. Nothing worked on it. I about slapped myself when I realized I hadn't even considered breastmilk. 2 days and it was gone!
  • Heal sore/cracked nipples- You know those sore, bleeding nipples you get from either the first few weeks of nursing, over-pumping, or a biting nursling- breastmilk is better than almost any nipple cream you will find. After nursing/pumping- hand express enough to rub over the nipple and then let it air dry before covering your breast back up with your bra/shirt.
These are just a few of the HUNDREDS of uses for breastmilk. Let's also not forget that it is a great creamer replacement for coffee drinkers. If you run out of milk, you have some very handy for your older child's cereal. Best of all, if your husband makes you mad- you can squirt him from across the room.

What are some of your favorite non-traditional uses for breastmilk.

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