Saturday, October 15, 2011


I apologize for the absence of posts. I have been busy with school, photography, being mommy, and some personal things that have been going on.

I have always been open about my struggles with infertility, so I was very excited this summer when I had a positive pregnancy test only 2 months in to actively trying to conceive baby #2. Unfortunately, it was not the right time, and I suffered a miscarriage (while on vacation without Disney Daddy). This is the second time I have miscarried and the pain of this miscarriage hit hard, since we had thought I had not even ovulated the month we conceived and we were ecstatic that it had happened so easily.

Today is pregnancy & infant loss awareness day. Miscarriages, even very early in the pregnancy, are painful. The hurt and wonder of "why me" haunts a woman. She questions every little action she did wondering if she could have prevented the loss.

Please take a moment to remember those who have lost an unborn child, or a child shortly after birth. Say a prayer for them, send them a positive thought, and remember that the pain is real. Also remember, that doesn't mean that they aren't happy for those who are able to conceive and have healthy babies- but at times, they just need to be able to escape the reminder of that which they lost.


TheTamFam said...

I hope this isn't totally the wrong thing to say, because I know you likely are just in need of comfort right now. But I will throw it out there because I figure most "coincidences" are more than just coincidence; I just happened to see this great post on miscarriage/NSAID usage on the blog "Science and Sensibility" the same day I read about your miscarriage on this blog. Just a caution to women trying to conceive that it can be helpful to avoid using many types of OTC painkillers. Maybe you already were aware; also, likely in your case it wasn't an issue. But just something to keep in mind and a good reminder for all women TTC. Again, sorry if it was insensitive of me to even bring up the thought. Just trying to help!

TheTamFam said...

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