Saturday, February 26, 2011

Help Give Hubby A New Name for the Blog

Well, the term hubby is so un-creative that I think maybe it is time that I give Hubby a new name. Gamer is already taken by another blogger (well, Gamer Daddy) or I would use that for him....
So- I have decided I am going to make a poll with some names and you all can vote. BUT- in order to help you- I am going to give you a little description of Hubby.
Hubby has a degree in computer animation and video game design, and is currently going to school for ANOTHER degree in Computer Science- emphasis on computer programming. He loves to play video games! LOVES TO!
He is one of those guys that is a kid at heart. He loves all things Disney, would live in Disneyland if he could. He is the favorite uncle, cousin, etc to anyone under the age of 12. He is known for wearing shirts with funny sayings on them. He was called "The Funny Guy" by our best friends' kids for the longest time.
He LOVES spicy foods. He makes some mighty hot salsa (well, ok, I make it for him) and he puts sriracha (spelling?) sauce on EVERYTHING! I have yet to find something that he thinks is TOO HOT to eat.
He loves movies and TV shows. I used to hate going to a new movie with him because the entire movie I would hear "Do you recognize that person? They were in such-and-such a movie." He even watches a lot of OLD 40s and 50s. He also LOVES WWE wrestling. I call it a "male soap opera" but he still enjoys it.
 So- there is a little info. Leave a comment if you have a creative name for Hubby or vote on the poll. If you are leaving a comment with a different name- please answer OTHER on the poll. THANKS!

The poll will not be the FINAL say in the name (so don't worry if you are leaving a comment that it won't get picked). I will be presenting a few names to Hubby, where I will let HIM pick his new blog name.

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