Monday, April 4, 2011

Where Have I Been....

The family took a much needed vacation this last week. Well, kind of a vacation. Disney Daddy had to travel for work- and we tagged along, extended the time there, and made it a family vacation. We took Disney Daddy's niece, who we will call Smiles, and surprised her with DISNEYLAND!!!!! She was ecstatic.
This is part of the reason for the lack of posts.
Here is a picture with all of us and Pluto.
Lil Man was in LOVE with the characters- but ESPECIALLY Winnie the Pooh! He tried to climb into Pooh's arms. Luckily, the Disney Cast Member who offered to take our picture at Pooh's Corner saw this amazing moment and took plenty of pictures for us.

For those who don't know, I do a little photography on the side. I love being able to capture memories for others. Having Lil Man has changed how I take pictures. When you have a child this young there is no "posing" for pictures. It has taught me to capture the moments of every day life. I love this view through my lens.

Because of this, I am going to adopt a ritual from The Leaky Boob, who adopted it from Soule Mama. It is called In This Moment. A single picture- no words...although, I like words and will probably put a caption of some sort to remember place and time. I will normally do this on Friday, but I wanted to share this picture of Disney Daddy and Lil Man on Newport Beach last Monday.

In breastfeeding related news- I enjoyed walking around Disneyland, and I really enjoyed watching mothers with small children being nursed. I rarely saw children with bottles, and saw TONS being breastfed. Many moms used covers, a few did not. I just wanted to tell each of them good job!
The most exciting thing though, was meeting up with Wiski. Wiski has become a good online friend of mine, and it was wonderful to meet her in real life. Her daughter is only 3 day's older than Lil Man.  It was cute to see them play together. I would love to post a picture- and maybe I will- if Wiski gives her approval. I hope Wiski will be able to contribute to the blog again soon. If you missed Wiski's first post- check it out HERE. She is amazing and exclusively pumped for her first daughter.

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