Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Want to contact My Breast Thoughts?

For those who are interested in guest blogging, topic suggestions, and more- My Breast Thoughts now has an email address for these things. PLEASE DO NOT SEND SPAM as it makes it hard to receive regular emails if we have to start trying to skim through a lot of spam messages. However, do send links to new articles regarding breastfeeding, topic ideas, if you want to be a guest blogger send story ideas, and if you go to our FB page- we will have a BREASTFEEDING ALBUM OF FAME! This is the address you will use to send in pictures for that.
So here it is- the email address~
Thanks- and keep suggesting this blog to all of your friends who support breastfeeding. And follow us using google connect (on the side column) so we can get our 50 followers before Christmas for the gift card giveaway.

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