Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just A Small Laugh!

I am a part of a popular parenting site and have joined a small, private group on that site of moms who all had babies close to the same time Lil Man was born. One of the gals on the site shared this story, and has given me permission to post it here. Finding humor in everyday moments is really important when you are new parents.

As a first time parent of a newborn, I have learned that intimate moments with your spouse are few and far between.  When one of those rare moments should arise, grab a hold of it with both hands and do not let go.  One very early morning, I woke to the stirring caresses of my husband’s knowing hands.  My mind quickly responded to each touch, but my post partum body refused to participate in the familiar dance.  I reached into the nightstand drawer to get the assistance of our newest companion, personal lubricant.  I deftly squeezed out the necessary amount, but then, realized something was not right.  Being careful not to wake the baby, my husband used the light of his cell phone to inspect what was wrong.  Imagine my utter shock to find that I did not hold a tube of lubricant, but rather my son’s diaper rash cream.  When I realized what I almost had the misfortune of doing, I fell into a fit of hysterical laughter and woke the baby.  My dear sweet husband coaxed our son back to sleep while I left our bedroom to gain some semblance of control of myself.  My husband soon joined me, and we continued our little escapade from the pre-dawn hours.  Let me share that I no longer store baby supplies in my nightstand drawer!

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