Friday, January 14, 2011

Lil Man Has A Gift

I never used to believe in "psychics." I believe people could have intuition, gut feelings, and lucky guesses- but never psychic.
However, I am starting to rethink that belief. I believe my son is psychic. Yes, my son has an amazing gift to sense things.
Just the other day, Hubby and I had put Lil Man down for the night. We cuddled up on the couch and as we got a little cozy, we thought to head to the bedroom for a little "mommy and daddy time." After all, this time is much more rare since Lil Man has been going through some reverse cycling with his nursing schedule. We thought we should hop on the opportunity before he woke at his usual 1-2 hour interval to top off for the night.
As we made our way to the room, sharing a few kisses, my son must have started to have a "vision" of some sort. He awoke screaming for food. A quick feeding, and we put him back to bed. Hubby- anxious to continue our little adventure, tried to persuade me with a back rub. I decided to wait a few minutes before agreeing. Partially because the back rub felt wonderful, and partially to ensure Lil Man was soundly sleeping this time.
Again, we headed to our previous destination. Another vision came to Lil Man. It was as if he knew what was happening and in his mind went "Mommy and Daddy are wanting to have some fun, start screaming in 3,2,1...."
Yet, that is not the only instance where he has shown his psychic abilities to me. Many nights he has been able to tell the moment I lay my head down to go to sleep. Be it an hour after he is in bed, or five minutes, he knows the second my head hits that pillow. He begins to cry and scream to either be comforted back to sleep or fed.
I am quite intrigued with his capability, while Hubby is quite irritated when it interrupts his fun. I must admit, I find the timing of his visions quite troublesome as well. It has led to many sleepless nights, a intimacy-deprived Mommy and Daddy, and a mom who worries if her son will one day "See dead people."
I try and take it all in stride, enjoying most moments, but as you may be able to tell by the time of this post....tonight it has just led to a sleepless night.

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