Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Going on vacation

I am heading on vacation in a few days. This has caused the recent slow down in posts. Also, if you have commented that you would like to guest blog and not been sent the information- this is why. While I am on vacation, I may pop in with a small post here and there. I also have at least one guest blogger lined up...hopefully a few more.
I am excited to go on vacation but a little nervous about the plane ride. Lil Man is quite stubborn about if he will or will not nurse so I hope that he will be willing during take off and landing. Also, that he won't throw a fit wanting to look around rather then nurse. I am sure everything will go smooth, but I have some anxiety issues and they are just showing up here.
I hope everyone is enjoying cooler weather and that you will all keep checking in. This is a stressful time of year, but try and relax....we don't want that stress stopping the flow of milk.

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