Friday, November 12, 2010

What A Pain!!!!

I never would have thought this would happen to me. As someone with low supply, I never imagined it. Yet, as I lay on the couch the other night, shivering, cold sweats, and a fever- wondering if I was going to vomit....I thought to myself "Could it really be?". I had just nursed Lil Man and had found myself in tears.
The next day, I already had a meeting set up with the LC at the local hospital for something we are working on together. When I went in, still feeling ill, I asked her what she thought. She agreed....indeed, even with my low supply, it looked like I was dealing with the beginning stages of mastitis. I still am not sure it was really I am calling it a clogged duct.
I never thought I would be dealing with that. After all, I have a low supply! It seems that even with less then ample milk jugs- the fact that my son has not been very interested in nursing, plus my taking herbs to increase my supply, and finally a breast that does not respond to a pump well- I indeed was suffering from this awful, painful issue.
So, I have spent much time heating, nursing, hand expressing, and more.
I send this warning out- if you start to feel a clogged duct- take care of it as quickly as possible because Mastitis is not just a pain in the boob but a pain in the......


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