Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Smell Like IHOP

As I posted earlier, Lil Man was going through a phase where he was not too interested in nursing (or even taking a bottle really). Even though he woke more at night to nurse, I could feel my supply was dipping. Then, both Lil Man and I got the nasty cold I mentioned. YUCK! As many nursing moms know- sickness can also cause a dip in supply. Lucky me to have both these things happen at once!
I had a day or two where I just thought- please, just let me make it to 6 months! If I can at least nurse him some until 6 months I will be happy.
Well, then I realized, 6 months is only a few weeks away and I am no where near ready to stop this nursing journey. I was renewed. I started pumping like crazy. The fact that my son is older, and can now play by himself sitting up, in an exersaucer, etc, has made pumping a lot easier then it used to be. I feel so much better now. I even decided, if he won't keep nursing, I will pump to give him what I can for as long as I can.
I am going to start back up on my 2 favorite herbs that support lactation. Fenugreek and Shatavari. I love Shatavari as it also has helped my let down become quicker. Fenugreek works faster though, so I start them together and then wean off the fenugreek.
The only down side to these herbs- they make me smell. Fenugreek- I start to smell like Maple Syrup. Yep, maple syrup. I start taking it and the next morning, I usually wake up and think "Are the people in the apartment above us making pancakes or waffles?" I start craving IHOP. Then I realize...that smell is me.
The first time this happened, I thought it was funny. My sisters, who are single and do not have children yet, got a huge kick out of me sticking my arm under there nose and having them take a big whiff. They agreed- maple syrup....YUM!
So, as I start back up on Fenugreek...I expect that come Saturday morning, I will be asking my husband to please take me to IHOP for breakfast. That is ok...IHOP for breakfast is a small sacrifice to make in order to keep nursing my son.


Beck said...

Haha, I smelled like syrup too when I was taking Fenugreek! Matt would come home and ask if I had made waffles for breakfast :) And I really want some IHOP now...

Tonia Clark said...

There are much worse things you could smell of I'm sure! Maple syrup, not so bad! lol! Your Lil Man might like it too!

Jessie said...

Lol, it is a 'small sacrifice' ;)