Thursday, November 4, 2010

What Are Your Thoughts?

I wasn't going to share my religion on here...but I have decided to because it would partain to this post.
I am LDS (aka Mormon). Breastfeeding is pretty much the normal route a mom takes in my religion
I was reading a thread on a parenting site that has a group for LDS families. It talked about where you nurse in church. Many of our churches have Mothers Lounges or a Comfy chair tucked away for moms to nurse.
However, in my previous ward (time and place we meet), my best friend always nursed her children in the pews, during Sunday School, and in the Womens Class (Relief Society- RS) just using a cover. I moved to a new location and we have several babies in this ward. Yet, I have never seen any of the mothers nurse in the pews. As a nervous, first time mom, just nursing her first child, I was weary to be the one who is different and nurse my child in the pew. I felt I HAD to go to the Mothers Lounge. 
I can understand the main meeting, maybe....what I don't understand, is why women feel they must leave Relief Society to nurse their child in the Mothers Lounge. It is a class with only women in it. Especially if you are going to use a cover. My son has not needed to nurse during this time frame so I have not ever thought about it, until I was reading this thread on the parenting site.
I was just curious other people's thoughts on NIP in church.


Toni said...

At my church we dont have a mothers lounge or a comfy chair. we only have nurseries with little ones running around and crying toddlers. So for me I think NIP is perfectly fine including in church. FF babies eat in church so why cant BF babies? "B" never got hungry during church though so i never had to do it, but if she had I would have.

Wiski said...

Jesus was breastfed. From what I've read in history books, culturally women did not hide away in Biblical times to nurse their children.

With that said, I'm a firm believer that nursing in public should not be taboo. I nurse without a cover and I'm discreet while I do it. Its not as if my breasts are completely exposed and its not as if I'm engaging in something sexual. A vast majority of the time it appears as though I'm just holding my child.

In my opinion places of worship should be places where people should feel completely at home...