Thursday, November 18, 2010

Motion Sickness

So, Here I am, ready to go to the airport for our vacation. Lil Man is napping and Hubby is playing a video game while we wait for it to be time to go. I thought I would hop on here and do a little post.
I get motion sickness when I fly. So, this caused a call to the LC (since my OB was out of town) this last week to ask about Dramamine, or like OTC drugs. My motion sickness is extreme enough that I had decided if I was told I couldn't take it, my son would get EBM or formula and I would pump and dump when I reached our location.
Luckily, for me, the LC said since my son is a little older, Dramamine is fine. She did warn that sometimes it can cause a decrease in milk supply. Because of this, she asked me to up my fenugreek while on vacation to 4 pills 3 times a day!!! I will most definitely be smelling like a waffle house!
So, Today, I went to the local health supplement store and purchased a big ol' bottle of fenugreek. I also packed in some shatavari, my pump, and of course, bottles (and formula since I combo feed). Luckily, we are staying with friends, so a dishwasher will be easily available. I have washed bottles and pumps in a hotel room before, and it was not fun so I am grateful that a kitchen with running water will be available to me.
It is times like these that I wish I had no supply issues. That I didn't need to worry about my supply from a does of Dramamine for a plane ride. I envy the mother who would not be packing bottles or a pump in her suitcase, because her breasts would be all that are needed. However, the extras I must take are worth it. It is so much easier then needing enough formula for all feedings, or more bottles then I am needing now.

I am excited for the guest bloggers who will be posting next week! Please enjoy, and if I am not on before then, have a great Thanksgiving.

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